These folks do amazing work!!! They did my website for me. It is unbelievable. They manage to capture my sentiments and emotions all in one very unique package. I highly recommend Mexley Marketing to anyone who is interested in promoting their business.

Why Mexley Marketing?

Toronto marketing. Internet marketing, web design and printing

Mexley Marketing Inc. is a one- stop shop marketing company in Toronto. If you are running a small business or a large scale corporation - we can help! This is because our strategies and actions are built around one key task - to help you generate more business in Toronto and outside of the GTA. Our slogan - "Creative marketing solutions that work" speaks for itself. Visit our portfolio to verify.

We know how to generate business in an economic recession and still create profit. Our marketing specialists always keep track of the latest trends in the fast- paced world of marketing. We helped many Canadian businesses bring more customers to their door step. Whether you are opening a new business, or want to boost up an existing one, we are offering a free half- hour consultation at our office. This office is conveniently located in North York at the intersection of Finch Avenue West and Keele Street (north Toronto). Please initially make an appointment by filling out our online request form.

We do not care whether our ads get public awards or not. We care about its sale power, and ability to generate cash flow to your bank account. We consider marketing as not only advertising but an integral process that drives your business to either success or failure. You might have the best-designed restaurant in the world with an exceptional menu but you will only make profit when many people eat your food.

We truly think that marketers have to stop fooling people around and wasting their money by saying that marketing is an enigmatic and mysterious matter. We see marketing as a business which is closer to science and statistics than to inspiration and the arts. It is a systematic development of strategic plans and their implementation; focusing on real and measurable results.

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