Trinity Roofing LTD.

Trinity Roofing LTD.

Trinity Roofing Ltd was founded in 2000, and over the years we have built a reputation for quality services in a timely, safe and innovative manner. Trinity Roofing is committed to maintaining a clean, safe, and orderly work environment that reflects the pride we take in our work. With the growth we experienced in the recent years, we acquired our own facilities in Toronto area in 2004 and expanded it in 2005, to accommodate the additional staffing and equipment required in order to fulfill the needs of our clients.

To provide customers with the services that meet their needs, Trinity relies on the commitment and dedication of its employees. When employees feel respected and appreciated, they are empowered to harness their overall knowledge and skills to benefit the customer. Showing respect for employees means providing them with adequate training, asking for their comments and suggestions, considering their opinions, implementing the solutions they propose for problems, and recognizing their efforts accordingly: Trinity gives its employees the tools and opportunities to support their continued growth and development ensuring that they have the latest and most up to date training and information available.

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