Press Release and Article Writing

Press release is a written statement created for distribution to the media with the purpose to communicate something about the company that has news value. Promotional article is an independent part of the newspaper or magazine, which provides relevant and useful information to the readers about your products and services.

Most people trust media coverage much more than simple advertising. The main reason is that media is very selective about exposure they give. By using press releases, you inform journalists about the company. They provide positive coverage for your company and improve business exposure.

A published article about your business or anything related to it positions you as an expert to your readers.  They know you are not in the business only because of the money, but that you are passionate about the products and services you provide. Also, a well-written article acts as an ad in itself. It is not “pushy”, it does not yell “buy me”, but it may provide the same information and use the keywords so that people get interested and remember you.

Overall, sending a press release is one of the most effective ways to spread a word about your business, while a written article may save you hundreds of dollars in advertising.

Why Mexley Marketing?

Mexley Marketing team will write and distribute professional press releases and articles for you. One of the writers will meet with you to discuss your existing marketing strategies and future goals. Then we thoroughly research your topic and develop 100% original content. You will receive top quality material with all rights and complete ownership at a very reasonable price.

Mexley Marketing press release and article writing guarantees:

  • Engaging and well-researched articles
  • Newsworthy and concise press releases
  • Original content on any chosen topic
  • Fast turn around time
  • Strategic keyword placement
  • Error-free writing
  • Help with distribution and publishing of materials

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