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Our mobile app makes it easy to call a tow truck!

Our mobile app offers quick, affordable access to roadside assistance and tow trucks!
Sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck driver isn’t just frustrating. It can be dangerous to wait for roadside assistance, particularly in an unfamiliar area. Available Tow is working to change this by offering comprehensive towing and roadside assistance across the nation.
Available Tow’s comprehensive app ensures you get prompt, safe, friendly roadside assistance wherever you are. Call emergency service or a tow truck with just a few clicks on your phone. When you select the “call a tow truck” option on our app, we automatically send dispatch information about your location and needs to a towing provider.
Our customers receive access to affordable towing services and roadside assistance no matter where they are. We offer provider ratings, referring you to the nearest provider, charging a minimal service fee.


  • Connect with help through your cell phone.
  • Prompt access to help, and rapid response times
  • Total safety; you’ll know when help is on the way, and can watch on your phone as it arrives.
  • No membership fees or hidden costs. You pay per service, and can conduct unlimited searches without paying a cent.
  • You pay only when the service is complete; no more paying in advance for a roadside assistance provider who does not show.
  • Complete transparency. We give you an accurate estimate of kilometers traveled for your towing charges, which means no more dealing with unscrupulous tow truck providers.
  • Friendly, professional assistance from a highly rated tow truck provider you can trust.
  • An accurate estimate of wait times; no more endlessly waiting alongside the road for a tow truck driver to show.
  • Extensive geographical coverage, with the best service rate on the market.


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